Education of the youth is in the foundational vision and Charism of the Congregation. The dynamics of Fransalian Education is described in the Constitution Art.nos.36-40. Further, the chariacteristics of the apostolate of education is explained in the General Directory in articles 31 & 32. Our founder, the servant of God, Father Mermier says “the heart of education is the education of the heart”.

Fransalians through the apostolate of Education try to translate the above maxim of our founder into a reality by liberating from ignorance those entrusted to their care and orienting them to seek truth about themselves, God and the world. Our education strives for excellence in all aspects by empowering and enlightening our students to counter the forces of evil by becoming people who commit themselves as liberators from the social, economic and gender inequalities and from the evils of communalism, regionalism, casteism, racism, tribalism and consumerism .They are taught to work against the forces trying to destroy the environment.

In our Fransalian Educational Institutions we strive to provide God experience for the students through our way of life and commitment to the Gospel values by living a life of joyful optimism and respect for others in disinterested self sacrifice. We share with our collaborators especially teachers, instructors and parents the vision of our apostolate of education.

Faithful to the saying of our founder, Fr.Mermier “true education is opening of the heart rather than the mind”, Fransalian educators take special care of the affective dimension of the life of the young people under our care. In our approach to the young we are sensitive to every individual person, caring and guiding them gently yet firmly. We focus on human formation committed to the welfare of the society and the entire world.

Every Fransalian Education Institution ventures to create a unique Fransalian Culture in our educational ministry.


Competition for class 1-10

Month - April 2019
English Handwriting - 27.4.2019
Easy Writing - 27.4.2019
Month - June 2019
Envelop Decoration - 29.6.2019
Pencil Scrap Pesting - 29.6.2019
Poster Painting - 29.6.2019
Month - Aug 2019
Patriotic Group Dance (Housewise) - 14.8.2019
Month - Sep 2019
Solo Singing - 04.9.2019
Solo Dance - 04.9.2019
Month - Oct 2019
Prepared Speech - 12.10.2019
Extepore Speech - 12.10.2019
Month - Nov 2019
Best Out of Waste - 16.11.2019
Kite Making - 16.11.2019
Rangoli (Housewise -5 from each house) - 16.11.2019
Teli a Tale - 30.11.2019
Debate (Housewise) - 30.11.2019
Month - Dec 2019
Carol Singing (Housewise) - 24.12.2019
Month - Jan 2020
Spell Bee - 04.1.2020
G.K. Quiz (Housewise 5 from each house) - 04.1.2020
Month - Feb 2020
Skit (Housewise) - 01.2.2020
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