Extra-curricular Activities

The Curriculam of the school has Physical Education as a compulsory subject, as the school aims for the ‘wholesome development of its pupils’. Due to this all students go through a formal class of P.E in both the theory class and the practical classes on the field. The Curriculam includes basic knowledge of games and sports along with coordinative and motor development programmes up to secondary level. In the secondary and Senior Secondary Level, students have to take up a specific game and learn basics about the sport all year through.

Coaching for Games and Sports

  • In the pre competition period, the P.E Teachers organize coaching sessions both before school and also after school- depending on the sport and the availability of the students. Given below are the details of the programme

  • Football Coaching: ……..Morning \ Evening
  • Basketball Coaching ……Evening \ Afterschool
  • Volleyball Coaching…….Evening
  • Cricket Coaching……….Afterschool

Interclass Matches

The Interclass Matches are organized for classes 4 to 8 where each class gets to play matches in its own division. The games identified for Interclass Matches are:

  • 1. Football for Boys and girls
  • 2. Basketball for Girls and Boys
  • 3. Volleyball for Girls; and
  • 4. Table Tennis for Girls and Boys

A proper training session and selection trial is conducted during the P.E periods by the P.E Teachers to identify the team players for the different games. The competitions are organized and supervised by the P.E Teachers/Coaches who also officiate in these matches, during class and also after school hours.

Inter House Matches

The student community is divided into four houses for the purpose of Intramural Sports and Cultural Competitions. The houses are: Darwin House, Einstein House , Galileo House and Newton House. Each of these houses have Subject teachers assigned as House Wardens and Co Wardens. Moreover, each house has its own ‘colour’ and T-Shirt. The Dept. of P.E helps the wardens in the process of team selection. Though the House matches are meant for students from class 9 to 12, players from junior classes showing exceptional promise and talent are also included in the house teams. The Dept. of P.E organizes the Annual Inter house matches:

  • 1. Football for Boys and girls
  • 2. Basketball for Girls and Boys
  • 3. Volleyball for Girls; and
  • 4. Table Tennis for Girls and Boys

Annual Cross Country Race

The Dept. of P.E plans out and organizes the Annual Cross Country Race for both boys and girls. Here the students are divided into different categories as their age and sex. The event is conducted in the early hours of the day when the traffic is minimal. Apart from seeking assistance from the Local Police there are qualified Doctors, Nurses, First aid personnel and fully equipped Ambulances that help in the smooth operation of the event. The complete school staff, both teaching and non-teaching will be on duty for the same at water points, check points, etc.

Annual Athletic Meet

The Dept. of P.E organizes the Annual Athletic Meet. This is one of the sports events that boast of almost 100% participation of all its pupils. Only those pupils with special needs or medical history, by which physical activity is contraindicated, are exempted from participation. Athletic Events are selected class wise, keeping in mind the age and the motor abilities of the pupils. Minor recreational and coordinative events are selected for the students of Pre Primary and the Primary Classes while almost all major athletic events are covered for secondary and the senior secondary classes. Class wise selections are conducted during P.E periods and the Semi-finals and the Finals are conducted on the preset days where all the teaching staff is assigned specific duties as event officials.

Mass Physical Training (Mass P.T)

The school administration realizes the significance of health and wellness for its pupils. Hence, the Dept. of P.E organizes compulsory Mass P.T Exercises for students of Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary regularly.

Annual Summer Camps

The school shall organizes an Annual Summer Camp in the month of March titled the ‘Annual Productive Time Management Camp. Here Students are given coaching by P.E Teachers and Coaches in specific sports and games such as:

  • 1. Cricket .............Cricket Coach
  • 2. Football.............P.E Teacher
  • 3. Basketball...........Basketball Coach
  • 4. Athletics............P.E Teacher
  • 6. Volleyball...........P.E Teacher
  • 7. Karate...............Karate Coach

The duration of the camp is 14 days and starts from 7:40am – 1:40pm.

Drill Display

The Dept. of P.E will organize the Drill Display Programme once in every two years. This event is also coined as the ‘Parents Day’, as the parent community is invited to witness this ‘mega show’. The Dept of P.E plans and coordinates class-wise exercises ranging from Free Hand Calisthenics, Exercises with Equipments such as Hoops, Sticks, Balls, Ribbons, Laziums, Umbrellas, etc. The different groups perform this picturesque performance of exercise if different formations with tantalizing music played in the background. The motto of this event is yet again mass participation and promotion of ‘a healthy life style’ among the students.


The school will organize host of sports events to give exposure to its pupils at inter school level.Annual Fr. Peter Marie Mermier Memorial Invitational Football Tournament will be one such Event. Here, there are approximately 20 teams invited from N.C.R of Delhi and the schools of Jhajjar to participate in a league-cum-knock-out football tournament. The Dept. of P.E will organize this event in the month of September where all the appointed officials and referees are invited. A rolling trophy is awarded to the Champions and the Runners Up apart from individual medals and prizes.


Competition for class 1-10

Month - April 2019
English Handwriting - 27.4.2019
Easy Writing - 27.4.2019
Month - June 2019
Envelop Decoration - 29.6.2019
Pencil Scrap Pesting - 29.6.2019
Poster Painting - 29.6.2019
Month - Aug 2019
Patriotic Group Dance (Housewise) - 14.8.2019
Month - Sep 2019
Solo Singing - 04.9.2019
Solo Dance - 04.9.2019
Month - Oct 2019
Prepared Speech - 12.10.2019
Extepore Speech - 12.10.2019
Month - Nov 2019
Best Out of Waste - 16.11.2019
Kite Making - 16.11.2019
Rangoli (Housewise -5 from each house) - 16.11.2019
Teli a Tale - 30.11.2019
Debate (Housewise) - 30.11.2019
Month - Dec 2019
Carol Singing (Housewise) - 24.12.2019
Month - Jan 2020
Spell Bee - 04.1.2020
G.K. Quiz (Housewise 5 from each house) - 04.1.2020
Month - Feb 2020
Skit (Housewise) - 01.2.2020
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