A well organized library service will be one of the distinctive features of the school. The school library will have books suited to the needs of growing children. Seven books per child will be the ratio in addition to books related to the subjects and there will be regularly updated reading room with useful journals and news papers for all ages’ abilities and aptitudes.


Installation of Maths Lab is conformity with the ICSE/CBSE policy. It will be a place where learning becomes fun. This approach will provide students with the opportunity to understand and discover the beauty, importance and relevance of Mathematics as a discipline. It will be comprised of a variety of models, games, charts, CDs, books etc so as to make the learning.


It will be a place where students will get opportunities to nurture their inquisitiveness and enhance their scientific quest. It will be made available to senior classes to conduct experiments in physics, biology and chemistry. The Laboratories will be well equipped with the latest equipments.


The school computer lab will be connected with high speed Broad band connection for internet surfing under surveillance. The lab will provide numerous skills and valuable experience in software methods prevalent in the competitive world. The teachers will be trained to utilize the computers to assist the students to develop the programming skills of the students and to gain hand on experience in computer application.


Language lab will be installed to enhance the language proficiency of the students. It will take care of the participatory function of the languages. Specially designed conversations with the help of Audio visual equipments will be used in the language lab to develop excellent communicative skills of languages which has national and international appeal.


SFS School Neemuch proposes to have its own School Band which echoes the cultural ethos of SFS School Fraternity. The students of the school will be trained to play bagpipers, flutes and drums. It will be great honour to get selected to the School Band.


Performing Arts will be given a special place at SFS Neemuch. We intend to give compulsory music education for all our students. From contemporary to classical, students will be exposed to all forms of Art. The school shall offer training in musical instruments like Harmonium, Congo, Tabala etc. Emphasis will be given to folk dances and western dances.


The school infirmary will be fully equipped with medical facilities to take care of first aid and immediate medical care. Check up of the students by a qualified physician and a dentist, will be done annually. The consolidated reports of the annual medical checkups will be maintained by the school and will be handed over to the students when they pass out from the School. The reports of annual medical checkups will be given to the parents on the day of parents teachers meeting.


The school canteen will not be treated as commercial outlets but that which supplies hygienic and healthy snacks and, steamed food, seasonal fruits and fruit juices. Aerated drinks and fried food are banned in the canteen. The School encourages its students to eat home cooked food.


Value based themes for improvement given in the school diary draw reflections from the life, history, principles and virtues of saints and leaders inspiring the students to live disciplined lives and follow high standards of morality. Details of different targets to be practiced at home, school and society guide the students’ behavior and shape their attitudes, these are reinforced by daily messages given by them over the Public address system.


The annual school magazine "SFS SPANDAN" offers a peep into the various activities held in the school and provides platform to express the literary creative skills of the students and to articulate their dreams, thoughts and perceptions. The colourful photographs give a panoramic view of the events and activities organized during the year.


The student' enthusiastic contribution towards planning and presentation of the class stalls during this annual fete makes it a successful venture, aimed at inculcating the values of sharing and caring. This fun filled day goes a long way in financing social welfare programmes or infrastructural up gradation of the school.


SFS School Neemuch will have a host of clubs encouraging all the students to be a part of one or the other clubs, as per their talents and interests. They include Eco club which will be an environment conscious body actively involved in protecting out green ambience, promoting ethos of conservation and sensitizing students on various environmental issues. Quiz club will prepare young minds to find answers to their whats, hows, and whys and to make them realize that knowledge is power and wealth. The Debate club will sharpen the art of ideological Articulation and Arguments. Science club will ignite the spirit of discovery. There will be clubs in specialized games of national importance like Foot Ball, Basket Ball etc. so as to promote values in the domain of Physical Education.


Competition for class 1-10

Month - April 2019
English Handwriting - 27.4.2019
Easy Writing - 27.4.2019
Month - June 2019
Envelop Decoration - 29.6.2019
Pencil Scrap Pesting - 29.6.2019
Poster Painting - 29.6.2019
Month - Aug 2019
Patriotic Group Dance (Housewise) - 14.8.2019
Month - Sep 2019
Solo Singing - 04.9.2019
Solo Dance - 04.9.2019
Month - Oct 2019
Prepared Speech - 12.10.2019
Extepore Speech - 12.10.2019
Month - Nov 2019
Best Out of Waste - 16.11.2019
Kite Making - 16.11.2019
Rangoli (Housewise -5 from each house) - 16.11.2019
Teli a Tale - 30.11.2019
Debate (Housewise) - 30.11.2019
Month - Dec 2019
Carol Singing (Housewise) - 24.12.2019
Month - Jan 2020
Spell Bee - 04.1.2020
G.K. Quiz (Housewise 5 from each house) - 04.1.2020
Month - Feb 2020
Skit (Housewise) - 01.2.2020
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